Benefits Tier

If your "Huobi EXP" in the last three months meets the minimum requirement of the level, you will be upgraded.

Minimum 4,000 EXP
Minimum 7,000 EXP
Minimum 30,000 EXP
Minimum 150,000 EXP
Minimum 500,000 EXP
Huobi EXP composition

Daily Trading VOL Huobi Exp is calculated based on your trading volume

Exchange and margin transaction volume is converted into USDT, and every transaction volume of 2000USDT is 1 Exp. The fiat transaction volume is converted into USDT. For every 2000USDT transaction volume, 1 Exp is accumulated. The futures transaction volume is converted into USD, and one Exp is accumulated for every 40000USD. Huobi Exp value is calculated once a day, and Exp generated by trading of the day will be updated the next day.

Daily Assets Huobi Exp is calculated based on your account assets

Take daily random snapshots of assets and convert them into USDT according to Huobi VIP Asset Evaluation Model. HT worth of 3500 USDT or HPT worth of 5000 USDT per day, 1 Huobi EXP will be accumulated while other assets over 10000 USDT per day are worth 1 Exp. If the value is less than 10000 USDT, no Huobi EXP will be given. Asset calculation: exchange, isolated-margin, cross-margin, fiat, futures and Huobi Pool accounts are included. Huobi EXP generated by holding assets on that day shall be updated in the next day.
  1. 1What is ’‘Huobi EXP’‘?

    Huobi “EXP" stands for Huobi Experience points. Users accumulate experience points based on their trading volume and digital asset holdings maintained on Huobi Global. System computation of Huobi “EXP" earned occurs at approximately 5:00 (GTM+8) the next day. Huobi“EXP", once earned, are valid for a maximum of three (3) calendar months, after which, it will expire at the start of the next calendar month.
  2. 2How to obtain ''Huobi EXP''?

    Huobi EXP can be obtained in two ways:
    1. Trading, your total trading volume through Huobi:
    a) Exchange and margin trading volume are converted to USDT, and you can obtain 1 Huobi Exp for every additional 2000USDT trading volume. The transaction volume of PAX/HUSD, USDC/HUSD, TUSD/HUSD and USDT/HUSD pairs are not condidered in the calculation of Huobi Exp.
    b) The fiat transaction amount is converted into USDT, and you can get 1 Huobi Exp for every additional 4000USDT transaction. The transaction volume of USDT and HUSD fiat trading are not included in the calculation of Huobi Exp.
    c) The futures transaction volume is converted to USD, and you can obtain 1 Huobi Exp for each additional 40000USD transaction volume;

    2. Assets, random snapshots of your assets in Huobi exchange account, isolated-margin account, cross-margin account, fiat account, futures account, and pool account:
    a)HT assets over 3500USDT worth 1 Huobi Exp per day, and no Exp will be awarded below 3500USDT;
    b) HPT assets over 5000USDT worth 1 Huobi Exp per day, and no Exp will be awarded below 5000USDT;
    c) Other assets with a value of over 10000USDT worth 1 Huobi Exp per day, and no Exp will be awarded below 10000USDT;
  3. 3What is the relationship between ''Huobi EXP'' and Huobi VIP?

    ''Huobi EXP'' determines your Huobi VIP level, Greater Huobi EXP, higher Huobi VIP level, and more VIP privilege,as shown in the following table:

    Huobi VIP Level Corresponding Huobi EXP

    Advanced 4000≤Huobi EXP<7000

    Insider 7000≤Huobi EXP<30000

    Premier 30000≤Huobi EXP<150000

    Ambassador 150000≤Huobi EXP<500000

    Partner Huobi EXP≥500000

  4. 4What is the validity period of Huobi VIP?

    1. The user’s current VIP tier is determined by the "Huobi EXP" computed on the last day of the previous month and is valid until the last day of the current month. Users who accumulate sufficient experience points to qualify for an upgrade in the current month will be automatically be upgraded and the VIP tier upgrade will persist till the last day of the next month.
    2. If the amount of Huobi “EXP" earned over a 3-month period falls below the minimum EXP requirement, the user will be downgraded at the end of the VIP effective period by at most one (1) VIP level.
For example:
If the "Huobi EXP" of Paul is 200,000 on December 31, 2019(GMT+8), then Paul’s VIP tier level on January 1, 2020 is “Huobi Ambassador", and the tier level is valid until January 31, 2020. If Paul's "Huobi EXP" reaches 600,000 on January 13, then Paul will automatically upgrade to "Huobi Partner" on January 14, and the tier’s validity will persist till February 28, 2020. If Paul’s cumulative experience points drops to 100,000 on February 15, then Paul’s VIP tier in March is "Huobi Ambassador", and the Paul’s cumulative “EXP”level remains at 100,000 till the end of Marc, but drops to “Huobi Premier”in April.

*The rules and regulations of the program shall be subject to Huobi Global’s final interpretative decision.