Huobi Global Will Support SUN Token Swap

Dear Users,

Huobi Global will support the old SUN tokens swap to new SUN tokens under the SUN Redenomination and Upgrade Plan, with the following arrangements:

To distinguish between new and old SUN tokens, the old ones will be renamed as SUNOLD after the upgrade (hereinafter old SUN tokens will be referred to as SUNOLD), and new SUN tokens will be called “SUN.”

  • Cease the margin loan service for SUNOLD at 08:00 AM on May 30 (UTC);
  • Liquidate positions and settle the cross-margin orders of SUNOLD at 03:00 AM on May 31 (UTC), following which, cross-margin trading pairs of SUNOLD will be delisted (click HERE to learn more);
  • Liquidate positions and settle SUNOLD orders on Coin-Margined Swaps at 03:00 AM on June 1 (UTC), following which, SUNOLD trading pairs on Coin-Margined Swapswill be delisted (click HERE to learn more);
  • Cease SUNOLD deposit & withdrawal at 05:00 AM on June 1 (UTC);
  • Delist all SUNOLD spot trading pairs and cancel all SUNOLD pending orders at 06:00 AM on June 1 (UTC). Subsequently, a snapshot of user holdings will be taken, and SUN tokens will be distributed to users at a ratio of 1 SUNOLD : 1,000 SUN.
  • The opening time for SUN deposit & withdrawal will be announced separately. Please stay tuned!

Please deposit SUNOLD to Huobi Global before 05:00 AM on June 1 (UTC). If you wish to swap for new tokens, we will handle all matters for you.


1. Please close your positions and cancel your pending orders in time before the delisting. The system will automatically cancel pending orders at the specified time and send related assets back to your account.

2. After the delisting, the valuation of SUNOLD will not be displayed (SUNOLD will be excluded from total balances in the Exchange account) as the real-time price of SUNOLD is inaccessible.

3. Given the high price volatility, trading digital assets carries a high level of risk. Please assess your risk appetite and risk management strategies before trading digital assets, and make prudent, informed decisions.

4.  Anything contained in any of Huobi Global promotions, announcements, banners, or other publications (hereinafter referred to as "Promotion") is for information purposes only and should not be construed as trading advice or recommendations. Huobi Global makes no representations or guarantees in respect of any Promotion or any activity on Huobi Global conducted by users as a Promotion is carried out at their own risk. Huobi Global shall not be liable for any losses users may incur from such activities.

Huobi Global

May 28, 2021


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Huobi Global reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend, revise or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.




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